23 thg 4, 2008

70-291 Materials To Score 1000

Passed 70-291 with 970/1000, "ALHAMDULILLAH" few months ago.

Evilren's pdf: http://www.ziddu.com/download.php?uid=aa...6eam5w%3D8
Evilren's vce: http://www.ziddu.com/download.php?uid=ab...oZauflpio8
MXSim: http://www.ziddu.com/download.php?uid=aK...iYq2WlZqt2

All u need for 70-291 is Evilrens vce from link above And corrections.
Sims needed are only three wich are included in the same vce.
One of the sims is made on a video in the link above.


1. The question about DNS.
One main office and 4 sites. 2 locations connected with high speed links and 2 with low speed.
The question stated that even the sites connected with low speed should get zone updates,
since the main office was planning changes to NS records.
So choose the Stub Zone for the sites connected with low speed links.

2. Question No. 108 WSUS on perimeter network have to "Save the updates to a local folder" not Maintain Updates on Windows Update Server (Server on the Perimeter Network)

3. Question No. 107
EvilRen - (User Settings Section) is wrong. should be (Computer Settings Section) as in p4s

4.RRAS sim correction
Routing and Remote Access Simulation: Make sure when you create an Inbound Filter that you also choose the option to "Receive all packets accept those that meet the criteria below" because it automatically defaults to "Drop all packets accept those that meet the criteria below".

Be careful when choosing the network interface on static routing in RRAS simulation,
Question states:
* Add a static route for the 192,168.3.0/24 to be getaway for
Chose the Local Are Network 2 that belongs to the same network as getaway requested by a question, not a Local Are Network.

Last Exam Taker:
tonnyy Wrote:
04-22-2008 11:25 PM

Just pass 291 exam today 984/1000

The correct answer for questions about DNS, the site that have low speed should get Conditional Forwarding instead of Stub Zone. The question mentioned "Prevent Zone Replication traffic from occuring on the slow network connections"

bkhorn Wrote:
04-22-2008 04:44 AM

I just passed this test this morning with a 1000/1000. In my opinion the corrections are wrong.



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