23 thg 4, 2008

70-294 Materials To Score 1000

I Passed 70-294 with 1000/1000, "ALHAMDULILLAH"

I Used Only the following:
GrandMaster's vce 294 : http://www.ziddu.com/download.php?uid=aK...aeZnZY%3D4
Printable Testinside 294 : http://www.ziddu.com/download.php?uid=aq...qeZnZw%3D5

GrandMaster Needs no corrections and is more than enough to score 1000.
U can use Testinside if u prefer hardcopies, but MUST compare it to grandmaster and find errors and changes (cuz there are few)

Grandmasters sims are incomplete.
For sims use only testinside Q 91,92,93

Some Tips For Sims:
Q91 when i read this one i was a little confused so i will explain it for those who may need it.
this is a simple sim all what u need to do is to put every server and subnet in its right site. to do that u go to Active Directory Sites and Services.
expand sites then expand each site (east, main, west) right click each server, select move, and select its right site.
same to subnets, after expanding the subnets right click each one, select properties, and select its right site. and ur done.
what may make some confusion is:
1- Before the step of configuring the subnet there isn't any note to tell that he started a new step with a new subnet.
2- Some Servers and subnets are never mentioned in any step like server2 and the reason is that it is already in its site and there is no need to move it.

In step one He edit's GPO1 without explaining the reason and why not GPO2,3 or 4. the reason is the questions states"For only the users in the sales department"
and after checking all GPOs we find that GPO1 is the one linked to sales users not computers i dont know if checking other GPOs makes difference in the score but thats what I did.

Nothing to say about Q93 i think its very clear and complete.


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