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pass4sure corrections

pass4sure 70-298 v 1.8 corrections
Question 7: answer is D: administration must be secured (this is only available with remote desktop)
Question 24: answer is A and C
Question 67: remote desktop (RDP) for internet must be denied, not allowed
Question 70: answer is B,C : not necessary to edit the local policies..

corrected by Serdar Kocaoglu - MCSE


70-291 pass4sure corrections:
Q.16 – D and NOT C
Q.18 – C,E and NOT B,C
Q.24 – B,C and NOT A,D
Q42: 4 ticks, also; 'dynamically dns a and ptr records for dhcp clients that do not request
updates(for ex.clients runnings windows nt 4.0) '
Q.102 – C and NOT D
Q.107 – C and NOT D

70-293 pass4sure v 2.73 corrections
Q1 is C. No need to add a second cluster ip.
Q10 : click on print server, not DHCP Server. You would install a RRAS on the Print server and add a DHCP relay agent to find the DHCP on the other subnet.
Q50 is A. Makes sense to install 2k3 dns server in *each office* to use both wins and dns since you have multiple new and legacy desktop OS's.

All questions from p4s and simulations 1, 4 & 9 from TK.

70-294 p4s v 1.8 corrections
Q26 B
Q53 Site 0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 0-4
Q67 B
Q75 A
Q78 Select corp_users on ou container in each forest
Q91 Select research.adutum.com domain object
Q92 A+B
Q109 Select GPO1 + GPO4 for site 1 only
Q111 Wingtiptoys GPO2, Accounting GPO3, Accounts Payable GP04
Q112 Domain - Enable "Disable registry editing.." + enable "Prevent use of offline files"
Support OU - Disable "Disable registry.."
Q121 Select DC2.contoso.com and DC6. fabrikam.com
Q126 E
Q143 Site 1 -2=250, site 2-3=50, site 3-4=100, site 4-1=50
Q152 Portable - assign install at logon, Desktop - assign on demand
Q153 B+D
Q170 Sales linking to Accounts and Computers (a triagle shape!)

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